As @jackbutcher says, Transparency Time:

I built a business valued at over 7 figures over the last 2 years — 3 days ago to the date actually. It cost less than, but nearly $100k. It’s time to consider early life learning opportunities outside of universities. Even if the financial return had equated to $0 (+ it very well still could), I’m confident the net gain in knowledge, experience and connections will have surpassed the ROI I’d have received if I’d completed my 4 year degree at the University I dropped out of ($216k @WUSTL).

The first 6 months were a crash course on customer research and product development. We spent days on the street in DT Denver seeking our product market fit early on. The next few months were spent building an MVP part time. The following 6 months were a boot camp on mobile app development.

I’ve taken university CS courses & can tell you I learned more from a $15 course on @udemy from @maxedapps & building my product hands on than the time & money spent learning undergraduate theory in a classroom.

The next 6 months were a 0–1 in customer acquisition and marketing. Another Udemy course on Google ads from @isaacrudansky helps us build the campaigns that acquired our first paying customers. Before Coronavirus, we also attended meetups where we knew we’d find our customers. The last 6 months have been the toughest yet, but they’ve been a study in team building, leadership and endurance.

Our amazing team of now 7 has been invaluable and we will be emerging from the shutdown with a stronger product and company than ever before. We anticipate publishing our v2.0 of @TheWandApp by the end of this week or early next pending iOS approval.

We also repurpose our infrastructure to build similar marketplace apps like @TecMeio and @BloThru

Check us out.

Originally published at on July 6, 2020.

I am a disciple of experience. I’ve done many things in my pursuit of novelty, the constant in this pursuit being my direction, which is always forward.

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